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Alessia De Gennaro

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System of Reality


Alessia De Gennaro

Poesia pubblicata il 16/06/2017 | 526 letture

The circle of infinity – interrupted.
My tiny thoughts are seeming strenghtless,
passing through layers of consciousness.

And when I see you in a thousand ways
I understand
that everything emanates from the love that I bear;
the biggest fear I'll encounter will be fear.

You are the shadow of my own,
product of my mind,
only existing at the moment of my glance
- can't look behind.

Am I real? Are you real?
What is real?
The words that express what I feel?
Are we part of something bigger than we know?
The biggest mistake is that we think we know.
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Opera pubblicata ai sensi della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633, Capo IV, Sezione II, e sue modificazioni. Ne è vietata qualsiasi riproduzione, totale o parziale, nonché qualsiasi utilizzazione in qualunque forma, senza il consenso dell'Autore.

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