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Alessia De Gennaro

Poesia pubblicata il 17/06/2017 | 777 letture

After the single son of Hohodemi died,
the wish of Amaterasu remained still unfulfilled
that a progeny will rule the Land of the Rising Sun.

So she gave to the eldest and the recent son of the prince,
Isetsu and Jimmu Tenno, strength and bravery
to execute the mastery.

Many years had passed until their ships
finally kissed the shore near Osaka
due to the help of a sea god standing on a turtles back.

Many detractors deriving from the east attacked
and it's there that Isetsu lost his life
by virtue of Nagasunes bowshot.

Jimmu remained on its own, feeling lost
but received a sword from the gods
to defeat boisterous mountain ghosts.

An eight feet high crow was forwarded
to guide Jimmu far from away from war and
Jimmu smelled first adumbrations of victory.

He and his army met atrocious and powerful demons
who tried to defeat
him but Jimmu deceided to practise a deceit.

He prepared rice wine for the demon lords
and while the demons were eating
the warriors defeated them with their swords.

After Jimmu had retaliated upon Nagasune for his brothers death
no one even said a word
he ascended the throne in Yamato and ruled over the Japanese Empire until his death.
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Opera pubblicata ai sensi della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633, Capo IV, Sezione II, e sue modificazioni. Ne vietata qualsiasi riproduzione, totale o parziale, nonch qualsiasi utilizzazione in qualunque forma, senza il consenso dell'Autore.

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