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Alessia De Gennaro

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Alessia De Gennaro

Poesia pubblicata il 03/07/2017 | 794 letture

I was walking over embittered waters
tasting drops of the golden rains
when I thought I saw the grimly slater
planting morbid delusions into my brain.

His vorpal claws made creaky noises
as he climbed down the undone roof
behind me, I noticed whispering voices
and the sound of galloping hoofs.

After he touched the ground, he bared his yellow teeth
fixing his eyes on me as he came towards me.
I was standing like petrified, staring at the freaky thief
he opened his mouth and said: You belong to me.

I tried to escape and looked to my right
seeing the osseous horse
suddenly, I felt the knifes might
and as soon as I saw all the blood, I felt even worse.

He mounted the horse and rode away
I remained alone and died on that day.
By and by he was out of sight
swallowed by the darkness of this eldritch night.
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Opera pubblicata ai sensi della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633, Capo IV, Sezione II, e sue modificazioni. Ne vietata qualsiasi riproduzione, totale o parziale, nonch qualsiasi utilizzazione in qualunque forma, senza il consenso dell'Autore.

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